AIG Enterprise Secure Integration Services

Akbank Project Services

  • BPM Project
    • Application Evaluation System
    • Limit Evaluation System

AlBaraka Enterprise Secure Integration Services

Anadolu Sigorta Enterprise Secure Integration Services

Avea Project Services

  • Middleware Projects
  • Infodealer Portal Project
  • Record Management System
  • New Dealer System
  • Integration BPM Projects
Outsourcing Services

  • Middleware Application Development
  • Middleware Administration
  • VAS Application Development
  • Order Management Application Development
  • Customer Care Application Development
Education Services

  • Object Oriented Architecture
  • Java Technologies
  • SOA Technologies
  • Weblogic

Garanti Bankası Consultancy Services

  • Internet Banking, Application Infrastructure Mentoring & Consultancy

İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi Project Services

  • Electronic Information Systems Project

Milli Reasürans Project Services

  • Software Development services during the TCIP Project with the collaboration of HP

Merkezi Kayıt Kuruluşu Project Services

  • Corporate Portal Project
  • Application Portal Project
  • Middleware Project
Outsourcing Services

  • e-General Assembly System

Takasbank Consultancy Services

  • Fast Technology Transfer

T.C. Merkez Bankası Project & Consultancy Services

  • Creating the Java Application Development Infrastructure Framework
  • Transition of important TCMB process to Java

Turkcell Project Services

  • IDM Modelling
  • Tariff Screens Applications
  • Knowledge Management Project
  • Roaming Scenarios Project
  • (Vignette) Web-WAP Project
  • Partner Portal Projesi
  • Okul – Individual Education Portal
Outsourcing Services

  • Phase 2.1
  • Partner Portal
  • CCSI
Education Services

  • Object Oriented Architecture
  • Java Technologies
  • SOA Technologies
  • WebLogic
Consultancy Services

  • Extranet Application Development
  • Information Platform Development

Turkish Airlines
  • THY ALM Solution
  • Apllication Lifecycle Management (ALM) of Software Projects
  • ALM Educations
  • Continuous Integration Infrastructure
  • Standardization of software projects
  • Building test infrastructure and preparing tests
  • Regularly creation of project reports, test and quality measurements automatically
  • Creating a Build Pipeline for Dev, Test, Staging and Production environment

Türk Telekom Enterprise Secure Integration Services

TTNet Enterprise Secure Integration Services

Vodafone Project Services

  • Individual and Corporate Customer Self Care Project
Outsourcing Services

  • Application Development Services

Yapı Kredi Enterprise Secure Integration Services