As eteration, our target is to create value and satisfy the need of our customers by completing their projects with success, on time, within budget and with the expected quality.

Depending on the project size, duration, and needs of our projects; we bring together Agile Processes and PMI® standards. Based on our experience in Project Management, we use PMBOK framework and Agile Processes to implement eteration Project Management Methodology – ePMM.

ePMM is used to manage scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communication, risk and procurement in any complexity and size of projects. The process is scalable on the size and scope of the project.

eteration holds a PMO in its body in order to provide policies, methodologies and templates for managing projects, support and guide others in the organization on how to manage projects, train others in project management. PMO is heavily involved in projects in the initialization and planning phases, provides project managers for the projects and is responsible for making sure that projects are completed with success, on time, within budget and with the expected quality.

eteration PMO harmonizes its project management life cycle, with its software development life cycle, and revises its ePMM after lessons learned sessions held before every project closure.

eteration project teams have major experience on delivering projects using ePMM processes in projects. We prefer to work with iterative time-box approach in Agile projects. Our project managers are encouraged to have both PMP certificate and Scrum Master Certificate.