IT services business is about people, however our product is our services not the the people. We are creating and constantly evolving a series of integrated service offerings that address the unique needs of our customers. These services are:

  • Mentoring and Consulting Services
  • Technology Consulting Services
  • Outsourcing
  • Software Development
  • Education
  • Research & Development

Mentoring and Consulting Service

Our customers have software related issues that are tied to complex businesses that are ever changing, requiring adaptability in order to stay competitive and maintain profitability. Organizations do not have the people who can see through the maze of information quickly, not only within their own organization but also externally with the many software systems they are integrated with.The complexity and cost of maintaining information is ever increasing.

In this environment we help our clients create value and architect solutions through our unique spectrum of software consulting services:

  • Software Archictectures

Define the vision, principles, standards and road map that guide organizations to select, deploy, run and refresh core technologies.

  • Service-Oriented Architectures

Help companies create shared, reusable and distributed services or building new SOA applications and solutions in an enterprise, assisting companies achieve their SOA goals

  • Security

Secure applications, data, protect identities and build trusted relationships with customers, constituents and partners

  • Integration

Help customers achieve unrestricted sharing of data and business processes among any connected application or data sources in the enterprise.

  • Reviews and Healthchecks

Examine and improve customer systems and development process as well as overall health software products and archictectures to help customers get the most from their environment and make greater performance gains while avoiding future costly issues.

  • Software Development processes and practices

Assist customers to define structures and practices that would best suit their corporate and project culture to help in the development of a software products.

  • Performance tuning, troubleshooting and optimization

Assess, diagnose and engineer high performance into applications, application development and testing processes.

Technology Consulting Service

Customers have long recognized the exceptional technology expertise of our consultants. Eteration’s Technology Consulting combines deep technology expertise and strategy capabilities to cover the entire range of technology capabilities—from developing an IT strategy to solutions for optimizing the IT infrastructure and applications.Our consultants and mentors are the best in their field, trained and experienced people with many years of experience.

Eteration consistently delivers technology consulting services that exceed client expectations — from BEA/Oracle middleware products to IBM and Software AG, SOA, portals, application integration to web services, airlines to retail, telecoms to auto manufacturers.

  • Consistent, Reliable Delivery: We deliver the right results, every time,and have the credentials to prove it.
  • The Right Alliances: Partnership and alliances with BEA, Oracle, Vignette, Atlassian, IBM, SAP, HP, Sun provide access to leading-edge technologies.
  • Unparalleled Speed: Our expertise and experience help us dramatically reduce the time required to move from strategy to execution.
  • Leveraging our services: Our integrated services approach helps us offer the education, consulting, software development and outsourcing capabilities to complement our delivery.
  • Vision and Leadership: Through our involvement in research and development, we help define technology advances and challenges ensuring lasting business value.
  • First level local product support