Developing custom software and applications is the core of our business.  We take an idea or a concept and deliver it as working software as quickly as possible. At the end of the day we deliver value to our customers.  Our people and culture is driven towards this single goal.  Building enterprise software is hard, very hard. Doing it successfully and on target makes all the difference to organizations.

We deliver software iteratively (as our name suggests) and incrementally, and solve all the difficult problems first. We don’t like to keep you waiting and we do not like surprises and do it in a way that this never happens.  This business is about working with a good team of people, and ensuring that they are working in a collaborative way.  Technology is important  and good choices elevate the solutions. We were early adopters of object-oriented technology, Java and the Web.   We maintained our principles for good design, vendor neutrality and philosophy for openness over the years and worked with multiple platforms. We continue  to expand our expertise into Mobile and new platforms such as Scala, NodeJS,  and the new array of document-oriented persistence solutions like Mongo.  One things that never changes in technology is the change itself.  We continue to balance the reliability of proven technologies with the innovation of new platforms that can give our customers the edge they need.

Eteration A.S was founded November 2002. Since its inception Eteration has grown from the initial three people to a expert systems integrator with over thirty engineers and multi-million dollar revenues.

At the core of Eteration’s values was to do one thing and be the best at it. Eteration is a company focused on Open standards, Mobile and Embedded technologies, SOA, Java and Enterprise Middleware forming the right alliances with software vendors delivering high quality services to its customers.

We believe in sharing; We share our own values with our customers to assist them in creating best-of-the-breed software solutions giving them the freedom to steer their own way; We share our own experience, processes, software and tools.

Eteration leads and participates research and development of high profile open-source technologies that are adopted by multinational companies such as IBM, Oracle and SAP, and used by development teams worldwide. We have lead and play a crucial role in creating one of the most popular Web tooling open-source platforms in the world: The Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP).